Parlez-vous français?

Have you heard about the Chattanooga School of Language? It’s a great place to take language lessons before a big trip or if you’re hoping to become fluent. They teach several languages in group classes: French German, Spanish, Japanese, American Sign Language and more. They also offer one-on-one tutoring. I’ve always wanted to learn a second language (and maybe a third or fourth) and have always loved French culture so I decided to mark one more thing off my bucket list by learning French. Learning a second language will be an asset to my career, helpful when traveling, and a way to connect with my husband’s French heritage. He’s taking lesson with me so it’ll be fun to travel to Canada one day and visit the areas where his grand-père’s family lived.

I’ve been taking classes since January and am finally moving into intermediate French this month. Beginning classes meet once a week, using French in 10 Minutes a Day by Kristine K. Kershul. It’s certainly difficult to learn a new language. Beginning classes have mostly been memorizing vocabulary and practicing pronunciation. Memorization isn’t my strong suit but luckily there are a lot of cognates for French and English. Right now I’d say I have a fairly decent reading knowledge of French and could probably make my way around Paris fairly easily. I look forward to completing the intermediate level classes and becoming more fluent.

One of my student assistants introduced me to a great free website for digital flashcards called It has been a lifesaver. I was running through paper flashcards like crazy, but now can just open up the Study Blue app on my phone and study vocabulary throughout the day.


Fall Semester is Almost Upon Us

Fall Semester is almost upon us! I’m gearing up for the first few weeks of school and I’m trying to convince myself that there is only one more week of summer. I just got back from an amazing trip to the West Coast, so it has been hard to get back into the swing of things.

But, let’s talk about the elephant in the room, it’s been almost ONE YEAR since my last post. I admit it, I’m a horrible blogger! And to think I made all these promises about exciting posts soon to follow. I’ve FINALLY got around to updating all my online stuffs (ie LinkedIn, online portfolio, About sections, etc.), so hopefully blogging will also return to a routine. And recent graduates, DO NOT FOLLOW MY LEAD! Keep your resumes and online happenings up to date! It’s such a pain to update everything all at once! 

Good News Everyone!




Good news everyone! I got the job at an academic library in Chattanooga and will be relocating soon! My interview was a little nerve-wracking (a committee!) but it went really well and I could tell from the interview alone what a great library I’ll be working for as well as getting to meet a few wonderful coworkers. The hubby and I will be relocating to Chattanooga in the next few weeks so let the packing begin!

PS. Have I mentioned how COMPLETELY EXCITED I am about all this!?! Because I’m ecstatic!




Our trip to Chattanooga was a lot of fun. There was a sudden snow “storm” (a snow storm in the South is really almost any snowfall, but we’re always completely unprepared so it’s really a bad idea to drive around) that kept us to the downtown area most of the time but we did a lot of walking once the snow began to melt. We walked around the art district, downtown, and the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga campus.

We REALLY loved the downtown area. So many great shops and restaurants. We were especially delighted to find a Panera Bread and a Taziki’s because they’re two of our favorite places in Birmingham and we’d be sad to give them up. We stopped in the Hunter Art Museum and saw an amazing exhibition by Paul Stankard and then walked across the Walnut Street Bridge and a few of the park areas. It was absolutely beautiful and I hope we can visit again when it’s a little bit warmer.

It’s definitely on our list of places we’d love to live!

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