On the topic of graduation, I just have to brag about my super delicious and super cute cupcakes!


Official Librarian

It’s official! I am a degree-wielding librarian! I have to thank my family for being so encouraging through so many years of school. And special thanks to my hubby who had to deal with me while I dealt with papers, finals, group projects, and endless reading. You were amazing J!

Photo by Jack Greenhill

Tower Bridge

Before our buses departed from King’s College dorm, there was one last thing I had to do: walk across the Tower Bridge. I was really happy that I was able to do everything I wanted to do this trip to London. So note to future tourists, you’re going to need an entire month! Despite marking everything off my list, there are so many things I want to do again!

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Lions and Pie

After our morning with the Olympic Torch, we had some pasties and tea at the Pie Minister. I tried the asparagus and mushroom, which was pretty good! In Alabama we mostly eat pecan pie (and lots of it!), so it was interesting to try something a little bit different.


Then we traveled to Trafalgar Square one last time to touch the lions, which we had heard would ensure that we must return to England. I’ve already begun planning my next trip, hoping to spend more time in Scotland and Ireland next time.

After our outing we headed to the Thames for a riverboat cruise. There was an Irish band and “barbecue.” What they call barbecue, I call a cookout, so I was pretty disappointed when I got on board. This tells you how homesick I was for Southern food. The river boat cruise was lots of fun though and all the librarians attempted Irish jigs. It really was a great way to end our trip!


Kensington Gardens

On one of my last days in London I finally visited Kensington Gardens. It was absolutely beautiful! I really wish I had been able to visit earlier and spend more time there.

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Later that night I stopped by the National Theatre and saw the fire garden that everyone had been talking about. It was beautiful but difficult to get a picture of!

All Things Harry Potter

Just to brag, these are all the Harry Potter things I got to see/visit:

  • Millennium Bridge
  • J.K. Rowling’s original Harry Potter manuscript
  • The restricted area of the Hogwart’s Library (aka The Bodleian Library)
  • Hogwarts Infirmary (Bodleian again)
  • A spiral staircase somewhere in the first film (St. Paul’s Cathedral)
  • Inspiration for the Great Hall (Christ Church)
  • The Elephant House where Rowling wrote Harry Potter
  • Greyfriars Cemetary where rumor has it Rowling got her character names from tombstones
  • Where Hagrid’s cottage scenes were filmed
  • Where the flying car scenes were filmed
  • Where the quidditch scenes were filmed

All of this means I’m having a Harry Potter weekend ASAP when I get back to the States!