Resolutions and House Guests

2013 has been interesting so far. I’m working on several projects, which has been keeping me a tiny bit preoccupied. These projects mostly translate to $$$ as Pinterest has inspired me to finally decorate. I discovered a nearby flea market/antique mall and have started collecting retro plates in hopes of achieving a beautiful collage like this:

For more plate collage inspiration, be sure to check out The Decorologist!

Luckily I’ve been able to find some great plates for cheap, some less than $1! I also have big plans for a photo wall and I’m on the lookout for a few new pieces of furniture. This decorating bug is very out of character for me. I think grad school and having a house on the market was stifling my creative energies so I’m interested to see what I’ll come up with.

Joey and I also had some fabulous house guests pop by. We absolutely love having Matt and Carly when they fly in from California! Matt is one of Joey’s oldest and greatest friends and I am so glad he found his amazing wife Carly because she is so much fun to go shopping with! We hit up some Birmingham shops, Target (which we both absolutely love), World Market, and then we met up with the boys for trivia. Carly blogs at MattandCarlyCross if you want to hear more about their adventures driving across Alabama. I’m afraid I always ask her a million questions about Alabama versus the West Coast whenever they come into town but I just can’t help but wonder if traveling here is a bit of a culture shock! Joey and I hope to visit them in California sometime soon and maybe she’ll turn the tables on me!

Other than those happenings, I’ve made some good starts on my resolutions. I FINALLY picked up my crochet supplies and am learning a few stitches. I’m (so far) keeping up with housework. I’m reading more (book review for The Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling coming soon!). And I’m still applying away for jobs and will be scoping out two possible places to move next month. February is going to be busy!


Coin Art

As many of you know, whenever you travel abroad you always come back with a bit of leftover foreign currency in your change purse. I’ve been pondering on what I should do with all my British coins and a couple of Euros that have been sitting on my nightstand since I got back from my study abroad. Of course Pinterest always has a solution for any crafty/organizing problems and I was brought to the Turning Stones blog with this quick and easy tutorial. I’ll need to save up a few more coins from my future travels, but I’ll definitely have one of these in my house one of these days!