Disappearing Act

I swear I haven’t disappeared blogging world! I’m settling into my new city, new job, and my library is going through a renovation. PLUS it’s the beginning of the fall semester so I’m getting my first taste at what my coworkers were warning me about! More posts to come and hopefully some hints on the secret to getting a job in this market.


Resolutions and House Guests

2013 has been interesting so far. I’m working on several projects, which has been keeping me a tiny bit preoccupied. These projects mostly translate to $$$ as Pinterest has inspired me to finally decorate. I discovered a nearby flea market/antique mall and have started collecting retro plates in hopes of achieving a beautiful collage like this:

For more plate collage inspiration, be sure to check out The Decorologist!

Luckily I’ve been able to find some great plates for cheap, some less than $1! I also have big plans for a photo wall and I’m on the lookout for a few new pieces of furniture. This decorating bug is very out of character for me. I think grad school and having a house on the market was stifling my creative energies so I’m interested to see what I’ll come up with.

Joey and I also had some fabulous house guests pop by. We absolutely love having Matt and Carly when they fly in from California! Matt is one of Joey’s oldest and greatest friends and I am so glad he found his amazing wife Carly because she is so much fun to go shopping with! We hit up some Birmingham shops, Target (which we both absolutely love), World Market, and then we met up with the boys for trivia. Carly blogs at MattandCarlyCross if you want to hear more about their adventures driving across Alabama. I’m afraid I always ask her a million questions about Alabama versus the West Coast whenever they come into town but I just can’t help but wonder if traveling here is a bit of a culture shock! Joey and I hope to visit them in California sometime soon and maybe she’ll turn the tables on me!

Other than those happenings, I’ve made some good starts on my resolutions. I FINALLY picked up my crochet supplies and am learning a few stitches. I’m (so far) keeping up with housework. I’m reading more (book review for The Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling coming soon!). And I’m still applying away for jobs and will be scoping out two possible places to move next month. February is going to be busy!

Job Hunt Regroup

My job hunt is still going strong! And while my optimistic library student self would be dismayed to hear that I’m still unemployed after four months, I think I’ve benefited from the time spent searching. I’ve narrowed down the area I want to move to now and after looking at gazillions of ads, I have a good idea of what kind of position would be a good fit for me. I’ve also decided to broaden my search and look into less traditional librarian roles which has actually been very interesting and promising.

Job Hunt Advice

Ok, so I’m mid-job search and I thought I’d share what I’ve learned so far and what I wish I had known 6 months ago.

  1. Set weekly/monthly job application goals
  2. Keep track of when you applied and where
  3. Once you start applying, start practicing for interviews and researching questions/salary negotiations
  4. Already have your interview worthy outfit
  5. Keep busy! It’s good to take up one of the oft neglected hobbies you had to give up during grad school
  6. Stay positive! It may take a while, but if you’re diligent you will get call backs
  7. Keep learning! Read, research, or attend seminars. It keeps you on your toes and adds to your resume
  8. When I’m in a position to hire, I am definitely sending out rejection letters. It’s just better to know!

Hope this helps my library school readers preparing for the job hunt!

Unemployed Librarian

So, what does a new (and unemployed) librarian do all day? So far I have developed a fascination with baking/cooking and decorating. Two things I’ve never had time for while in school. So far I’ve made: (2) batches of chocolate chip cookies (1) batch of gingerbread cookies and (1) GIANT bowl of homemade salsa. I’ve got a whole Pinterest board full of recipes I’ve been dying to try and I’ve finally got a little free time. The decorating hasn’t gone as well because (a) I’m horrible at it and (b) we hope to be relocating again soon. I have been able to buy a few fall decorations and I’ve got some ideas for when we’re settled somewhere.

Despite the strange urge to decorate, I’m still living out of boxes for the most part. My hubby and I recently relocated from a house to an apartment so there are lots of boxes to go through. And since I’m currently looking for a job, I’m not even going to bother with most of them. Although I sadly will be downsizing my book collection.

Oh, I forgot to mention the job hunting! Every day a new (and unemployed) librarian wakes up and starts searching. Some days the job search is really fruitful and you’re busy for a few days working on cover letters and filling out forms. But on the other hand, some days you just can’t find anything.

So far I’ve found a few wonderful positions to apply for and I’ve been keeping myself busy with homemaking. But I hope to be employed soon because there are only so many cookies a librarian should eat.

Job Search Continued

Back to the job search! I took a few weeks off after graduation to recover from studying abroad and paper writing. I’ve decided to ramp up my application output and I set a goal of 10 applications per month.

So far my hard work seems to being paying off. This week I had a phone interview for an academic librarian position and an in-person interview for a special library. I’m crossing my fingers I’ll hear back soon!


My June goals:

  1. Apply to 1-2 jobs each week
  2. Finish preparing for study abroad
  3. Order graduation invitations as soon as UA announces the official time and place

My plan to set a smaller goal per week went swimmingly. I highly recommend this to other job seekers!

I’m not setting any July goals because I’m in London. I’ve temporarily put my job search on hold but I hope I’ll have a few promising emails while I’m across the pond.